Image courtesy of  Jessica Thomas

Image courtesy of Jessica Thomas

Based out of her garden studio in south Oxfordshire, Leighan is a studio potter who produces mainly wheel thrown functional pieces.  Her work has a simple aesthetic that focuses on functionality and form, with textures inspired by natural elements.  Influenced by the raw beauty of the clay; the restriction in palette is offset by her desire to make marks, leave an imprint and allow texture to have a say.

Having worked for 20 years as an interior architect and designer, Leighan turned to pottery in 2015 because she ‘wanted to make something rather than just design it’. An instinctively practical and creative person, Leighan’s prior experiences continue to exert a strong influence over her work today; where functionality and simplicity of form are the running themes in all of the pieces that she creates. She is further inspired by the intrinsic values of precision, aesthetics, utility and modesty.

She strives to produce work that is contemporary, modest, elegant, tactile and functional; easy to live with and a pleasure to use.

Associate Member of The Craft Potters Association



Midgley Green

Faulkner & Wells, 3 High Street, GORING RG8 9AT  


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